CCMI - Lecture

Career Development Seminar Series



4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Join us for a seminar series that will provide advice and a forum for discussions about planning your career, inside or out of academia. This seminar series is open to all.

April 3

Prof. Trey Ideker, UC San Diego: Interviewing and Negotiating Academic Jobs

April 10

Asst. Prof. Hannah Carter, UC San Diego: Applying for NIH Early Investigator Awards

April 17

Prof. Gurol Suel, UC San Diego: [3 pm] Effectively Presenting Your Work [3 pm]

April 24

No speaker this week.

May 1

Dr. Michael Nunn, Project Manager, Center for Epigenomics of the Mouse Brain Atlas, Salk Institute: Exploring Options – A Career in Academia, Industry and Research Administration

May 8

Prof. Silvio Gutkind, UC San Diego: From Intramural to Extramural, Bench to Clinic and Back, and East to West

May 15

SDCSB Alumni Panel: Andy Gross, Victoria Corey and Gordon Bean: How to Get a Job Within 2.05 Miles of BRF2

May 22

Dr. Diane Klotz, Director of Office of Education, Training & International Services, SBP: Understanding Personal Leadership Styles

May 29

Dr. Jason Kreisberg, Asst. Research Scientist, Ideker Lab: Writing for Publication in High Profile Journals

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