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Cell Mapping Symposium 2018

The 2018 Cell Mapping Symposium will address cell mapping as it relates to cancer, psychiatric disorders, infectious diseases and technology development. A major motivation of this symposium is the realization that although much insight has been gained from large genome sequencing projects, effort now needs to be placed on extracting mechanistic insight from these data. These efforts include using proteomic, biochemical, genetic and structural biology approaches to generate cellular maps that can be used to interpret this genomic data from a variety of different disease areas.

Invited speakers include : 

  • Alan Ashworth
  • Alysson Muotri
  • Anne-Claude Gavin
  • Elizabeth Winzeler
  • Emma Lundberg
  • Hannah Carter
  • Jan Carette
  • Jonathan Sebat
  • Kasper Lage
  • Kristin Baldwin
  • Laura van 't Veer
  • Matt State
  • Melanie Ott
  • Michael Bassik
  • Nozomu Yachie
  • Olga Troyanskaya
  • Rick Lifton
  • Shaeri Mukherjee
  • Wade Harper

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