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3:30 PM-5:00 PM

UCSF cBioPortal - Linking cancer genomic datasets to clinical data for cancer discovery

The CCMI’s Computational Biology Software Series will cover a range of publicly available databases and analysis tools to help empower your research.

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Join Dr. Michelle Turski and Dr. Karla Lindquist of the University of California, San Francisco for an instructional webinar on the university's local instance of cBioPortal, which has panel-based sequencing data on tumors from ~8,000 cancer patients. cBioPortal, developed by Memorial Sloan-Kettering, is an open-source, user-friendly, web-based platform for visualizing, exploring, and analyzing cancer molecular datasets.

Topics will include demonstrating some of the more advanced features of the UCSF cBioPortal (e.g. 'Group Comparisons'), understanding the data currently available in the UCSF cBioPortal, and what data can be downloaded from the portal and linked with other research assets at UCSF, specifically de-identified clinical warehouse. Patient timelines, a visualization of longitudinal clinical data that is paired with tumor genomic testing results, will be highlighted as an up-and-coming enhancement to our UCSF cBioPortal and specifically showcased using deeply annotated datasets publicly available at project GENIE's cBioPortal instance.

Although access to the UCSF cBioPortal is currently restricted to UCSF employees, the webinar will cover topics broadly applicable to any instance of cBioPortal. Additionally, the webinar will feature Project GENIE's cBioPortal, which includes cancer datasets from UCSF and 18 other institutions and can be accessed by anyone after completing GENIE's registration.

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