Cell Maps

Cell Maps are comprehensive schematics of the genetic and physical interactions among genes and their products (primarily proteins) in any cell and help us understand how these interactions are impacted by alterations in the genes.

All cell maps generated by this initiative will be expressed as networks and distributed via the Network Data Exchange (NDEx) Project. The NDEx Project will not only be the primary distribution channel for cancer cell maps but also play a pivotal role during their assembly by allowing CCMI investigators to interact and collaborate on shared data sets.

If you are actively involved in any Cell Maps Initiative, please make sure to review our Cell Maps FAQ!

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Citation: Dexter Pratt, Jing Chen, David Welker, Ricardo Rivas, Rudolf Pillich, Vladimir Rynkov, Keiichiro Ono, Carol Miello, Lyndon Hicks, Sandor Szalma, Aleksandar Stojmirovic, Radu Dobrin, Michael Braxenthaler, Jan Kuentzer, Barry Demchak, Trey Ideker. NDEx, the Network Data Exchange. Cell Systems, Volume 1, Issue 4, 302-305 (2015). DOI:/10.1016/j.cels.2015.10.001